At JV Cabinet Makers, we understand that trusting strangers with your cabinets (or any part of your home) can be stressful. Your money is on the line, and you have to live with the results of the work. That is why we work hard every day to ensure our clients get put first. We treat each home like it’s our own and take the time to get to know our clients so they feel comfortable trusting their property to us.

As a consumer, finding a good cabinet contractor can be very difficult. It is important to get quotes from several so you can compare them. All contractors generally look good from the onset. They want your business, so they do everything they can to present themselves as the contractor you want. Once work gets underway, they reveal their true selves, and it can turn into a nightmare. The good news is, no matter how hard a contractor works to look good at first, they usually give themselves away. In today’s blog, we will share signs of contractors you shouldn’t trust.

Promising too much for too little

This is the age-old concept of “too good to be true.” In your process of gathering quotes, if you find a contractor who promises more than the others for the same price (or less), you may be dealing with a bad egg. These untrustworthy contractors won’t always be dirt cheap, but they’ll promise to deliver more than other contractors. Don’t hire them.

Failing to create contracts and record decisions

This is a massive red flag. If a contractor says it isn’t necessary to record your agreements, to make a contract, and to spell out each material and its cost, they are trouble. They will often act like your friend, indicating you have an understanding deep enough that a contract isn’t necessary. That type of understanding doesn’t exist between contractors and clients. Contracts do. Your chosen contractor should not only provide a contract, he or she should be willing to go over it with you and provide any clarification you need before anything gets signed.

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Suggesting non-standard materials

If a contractor’s quote includes non-standard materials and plans that don’t fit code, it’s time to say goodbye. This is especially true if he or she says that codes don’t matter and are simply ways for your city or county to grab money. Contractors should always adhere to city and county codes; if it’s an issue at all, it’s time to find someone else.

Needing to be supervised

When a contractor can’t be trusted to use the right materials or construction without supervision, they’re failing you. If you have to stick with them to ensure things are being done right, something is wrong. This is especially true if they threaten to walk away unless you back off. A good contractor will proactively keep you in the loop and be patient if you stick to him or her like a burr.

Handling money incorrectly

Contractors who ask for payment up front should be avoided. They may also start the job and then ask for payment. Worst of all, they may say they made a mistake in their original estimate and they need more money to finish the job. Good contractors don’t make mistakes like that. They take the time to assess your needs and they give themselves a little buffer to ensure that the payment to which you agree is final.

Completing the project incorrectly

Quality construction is deliberate, careful, and step-based. You do not move on until the current step is completed properly. Bad contractors will dismiss inferior construction and rush into the next step without making sure everything is ready. By doing this, they set you up for future issues, property damage, and repair expenses. Essentially, they cost you a lot more money than they should.

Being absent

Bad contractors don’t bother to be present onsite. They leave workers unsupervised and coordinate workers and contractors badly. The result is a disorganized worksite, inefficient construction, and costly mistakes. Not just that, the site can become dangerous for the workers. Good contractors take pride in their workers’ handiwork and will be consistently present to ensure everything is coordinated and the work is getting done with excellence.

At JV Cabinet Makers, we have an insider’s view into the ways that contractors try to cut corners. We are on a mission to be the contractors who always go the extra mile, the contractors who make you breathe a sigh of relief when we arrive. We won’t settle for anything less. When you decide to let us construct or reface your cabinets, you get access to the best builders in the business. Whether your kitchen needs an update, your bathroom needs more storage, or you want a beautiful entertainment center for your living room, we will deliver with excellence every time.

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