When it comes to cabinetry, people tend to miss a lot of opportunities. They focus on the aesthetics and practicalities without considering just what is possible. Cabinets are usually installed in the busiest rooms in the home, including the bathroom and kitchen. These rooms get a lot of traffic and play an integral role in everyday life. That means just the smallest improvement can make a huge difference every single day. The potential is endless, and at JV Cabinet Makers, we work hard every day to work with California homeowners to provide them with the best of the best. We offer cabinet refacing and refinishing in addition to custom cabinets, which allows us to create custom results no matter which of the options our clients decide is best for them.

We live in a highly technological world, and too many times, people fail to realize that this technology can be integrated into the very cabinets they use to store their pots, pans, and towels. In a previous blog, we discussed how to integrate technology into your bathroom, but in today’s blog, we are excited to discuss five amazing ways we can make your kitchen cabinets so much more than just storage.

Take Your Cabinet Game to a Whole New Level

Your cabinets can open themselves.

It’s normal to have your hands full when you’re in the kitchen, and when the counter is full too, finding a place to set a bunch of pans or ingredients down so you can open a cabinet can make kitchen life stressful. We’ve all had that moment when we’re holding a bunch of messy trash, but the trash can is under the sink, and now we have to try to open the cabinet with our feet. There’s no need for this! We can provide cabinets that just need a tap of your elbow, hip, or knee in order to open. You’ll breathe a bit easier knowing you can gather up all the potato peels in the sink and get them into the trash without making a mess!

Your cabinets can protect your tech.

Want to watch a favorite show while you bake? Trying a new recipe you found online? Worried about getting your tablet or phone full of flour, oil, or other ingredients? Keep your technology above the delicious chaos on your countertop with a tablet holder. This simple mechanism is installed beneath your upper cabinets. It swings up and out of the way when you don’t need it and rotates out to an ideal viewing height when you do.

Your cabinets can lock remotely.

Do you keep valuables in your cabinets? Maybe you have a great alcohol collection that needs protecting or small children who love getting into the cleaning supply cabinet. We would love to explore remote locking options that empower you to protect anything. These cabinets provide great peace of mind by keeping your belongings secure and out of sight.

Your cabinets can charge your devices.

Do you have an island in your kitchen? Are all the outlets above your counter full, preventing you from plugging in your tablet or phone for music, recipes, or entertainment? We have solutions. There are several different types of power innovations that can turn one outlet into USB ports and extra plug-ins. We will work with you to ensure that whatever solution you choose, it integrates seamlessly with your aesthetic and adds elegant convenience right where you need it.

Your cabinets can light your space.

The more you can get the various systems in your kitchen to integrate with each other, the more beautiful your kitchen will become. Cabinets are fantastic foundations for all kinds of lighting. We can backlight the interiors of your cabinets, illuminating special treasures. We can put lighting under the cabinets for a warm glow on the floor, or put lighting on top of them for an elegant, ambient light. The sky’s the limit!

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