Where do guests always congregate, even though your living room is perfectly designed? That’s right: the kitchen. Which two rooms have the biggest impact on people looking for homes? That’s right: the kitchen and the bathroom. And what do these two rooms always have in common? That’s right: cabinets. Both bathrooms and kitchens depend on cabinets to keep them functional and beautiful. Cabinets represent a massive opportunity

Both bathrooms and kitchens depend on cabinets to keep them functional and beautiful. Whether you are installing brand-new cabinets or you’re updating your current cabinets, there’s more to it than picking out materials and stain. You need your cabinets to be functional and efficient, and to integrate themselves into your home. At JV Cabinet Makers, we see cabinets as a massive opportunity whether they’re in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or recreational room. When we design new cabinets or give current cabinets a facelift, there are several concepts we always keep in mind. Our goal is to give you cabinets that are current, convenient, and beautiful.

Cabinet Design Trends in San Francisco

We’ve served San Francisco for many years, and as the community’s cabinet trends have evolved, we have stayed on top of the changes. We are here to deliver the cabinets you love, and we can share what we’ve learned about current trends to make your cabinets truly timeless.

Horizontal Orientation

There is an increased desire for horizontal orientation cabinetry. Base cabinets are often 36 inches wide, which means there isn’t as much need to stack cabinets up to the ceiling. This is a nice trend, because it means things are easier to access and not always stranded above your reach. We often infuse the base cabinets with plenty of drawers that are easy to access and organizational inserts that make kitchen life more convenient while keeping clutter hidden.

Clean Lines

We don’t do a lot of ornate cabinets these days. Instead, people are craving simplicity, elegance, and flexibility. Door styles are becoming more and more basic, which allows other aspects of the kitchen or bathroom to shine. If you have outdated cabinets and want simplicity, we can easily reface your cabinets without having to completely replace them.

Timeless Motifs

The trends toward bold lines, chrome, and frosted glass click right into Art Deco design. This style from the 1920s is very popular today, and it adds a simple, distinctive look to any kitchen or bathroom. We love the clean lines and the sense of elegant order they bring.

Natural Elements

Nature never makes mistakes, and we love utilizing her concepts in our cabinetry, especially when it comes to color. Gold, green, gray, and beyond are all colors that subtly bring nature indoors and allow for deeper relaxation. Natural tones shine in both the kitchen and the bathroom, which makes the sky the limit for our cabinet designs. We leverage a lot of our color expertise when it comes to cabinet refacing and refinishing. These inexpensive ways of transforming your current cabinets are fantastic for getting the most bang for your buck.


There has been a big surge in gray kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, and we don’t blame people for loving this beautiful, relaxing color. Gray isn’t just soothing; it’s also sophisticated and readily available to be played around with. Gray doesn’t steal the spotlight, but it makes an impact and is one of our favorite tones to use when refacing or refinishing San Francisco cabinets.


In one of our previous blogs, we mentioned how blue can be a challenging color in a kitchen. However, it can be a perfect color in the bathroom! Blue is an overall calming and relaxing color and contrasts fantastically with raw wood, white paint, and many other colors. You can also incorporate blue in your countertops, and we can help you with that as well as your cabinetry!

Handcrafted Touches

Giving your kitchen a homemade touch is a wonderful way to set it apart. Eclectic styling and distressed finishes can be the perfect canvas for other hand-crafted elements like antiques and collectibles. The level of comfort you get from handcrafted details and design isn’t to be underestimated.

The JV Cabinet Makers team is ready to give you the custom shelving and cabinets you love in California!