Cabinetry takes up a lot of wall space in any kitchen or bathroom, which means is has a big impact on the overall feel of the room. We depend on cabinetry functionality every day, and that consistent wear and tear can lead to cabinets that look tired and dirty. Cabinet styles also evolve over time, which can leave a lot of kitchens and bathrooms looking old and outdated.

If you look at your kitchen or bathroom and the room feels drab and tired, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you replace the countertops? Give the visible walls a coat of new paint? Change out the appliances? Buy new cabinets? At the end of the day, you need a solution that won’t take too long, won’t be a huge hassle, and won’t kick a hole in your checking account. Cabinet refacing is the answer. It will give you the biggest transformation for the smallest cost, a transformation you can enjoy for years to come. You’ll feel like you have a whole new kitchen, but for a fraction of the cost. That being said, cabinet refacing isn’t a well-known solution among people with dated cabinets, so we want to take today’s blog to go over what makes refacing such a wonderful alternative to replacement.

Cabinet Refacing 101

We want to start by answering some common questions about refacing. Let’s start out with one of the most common questions we get: can’t I just reface my cabinets myself?

Isn’t cabinet refacing a DIY project?

Well, if you’re planning to strip off old paint and lay down new color, some people can make a DIY project out of it. However, refacing is better done by professionals. It often requires veneer work, an advanced skill that should be left to professional carpenters.

How do I know if my cabinets are good candidates for refacing?

The only thing we need when we reface cabinets is solid substructures. This means that we can work with many different cabinets. And this may surprise you, but old cabinets are actually fantastic candidates for refacing. Why? Because they are usually sturdier than newer cabinets.

What choices will I have?

This is the part of cabinet refacing we love the best: the choices! The sky’s truly the limit when we take your cabinets down to bare bones. We can use veneer, wood, glass, metal, and lighting to take your cabinets to the next level. We’ll work with you to ensure that your cabinets get the transformation you need. When you pair cabinet refacing with new appliances, you won’t even recognize your kitchen!

How does cabinet refacing work?

  • The first step in any cabinet refacing project is taking some measurements.
  • Once we understand your kitchen or bathroom completely, we can sit down with you and determine what you want out of your cabinet refacing. We will want to know if there are any special features you want as well as the aesthetic you’re after.
  • We will create technical drawings so you can get a feel for the end result. The drawings will allow us to order any custom materials needed to achieve the look you need.
  • The owners pick out the finish they want. Both color and texture will be determined at this point.
  • Materials get manufactured and the beginning of work is scheduled out.
  • Once work starts, the doors and drawer fronts will be removed from your cabinetry. The discarded panels will either be disposed of or recycled.
  • Once the substructure is exposed, we will be able to make any repairs needed to make the cabinets structurally sound.
  • The frames and cabinet boxes are covered with a veneer or plastic laminate.
  • New drawer fronts and doors get installed, along with pulls, handles, and moldings.

Turn to JV Cabinet Makers in San Francisco

Whether you are planning to sell your home and you want to boost its value or you just want to walk into your kitchen/bathroom and see something new, cabinet refacing has the ability to deliver a profound transformation without breaking the bank or turning the room upside down. The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in the home. Investing in yours is absolutely worth it. Contact us in San Francisco to get started!