Cabinets are a magical combination of function and design, and we love showing people that they don’t have to compromise aesthetics for practicality. Too many times, people think that their current cabinets are as good as it gets, failing to realize that the possibilities are truly endless. Our design experts have a lot of practice creating custom cabinets, and though you may be tempted to design your own cabinets, it’s always a good idea to meet with a designer and get some experienced input.

In a previous blog, we shared what you can expect in a meeting with our designers and how you can bring what is needed to the meeting. In today’s blog, we’re going to share what you can expect from us. The following are some points you expect us to use to bring your cabinetry visions to life.

What to Expect from Our World-Class Designers

We will meet with you to ensure we understand what materials and style you want. We will determine which wood, stain, and color you require and then we’ll provide you with three different documents that will give you a good picture of exactly what you’re getting. We do not want any bad surprises – only delight with the finished product!

  • Document 1: Floor Plan
    This is a good old design like you’ll see when looking at the floor plan of a house. It shows the view from above and reveals every component that will take up your space. We’re talking wall cabinets, base cabinets, and tall cabinets. If you’re installing lights in the cabinets, above the cabinets, or underneath the cabinets, you’ll often see electrical details as well.
  • Document 2: Elevation
    While it’s great to see your cabinets from above on a piece of paper, you’re going to be seeing them straight-on for the rest of the time. It is good for everyone to know exactly what the cabinets will look like when installed, and that’s what the elevation document does. It shows what the cabinets look like if you’re standing in front of them. This plan is great for determining just how high certain components will be so everything is convenient and beautiful.
  • Document 3: Perspective
    Once you’ve seen the cabinets from above and straight-on, it’s time to see them in three dimensions. Why? Because this is the only way to determine key spaces where cabinets need to be deeper or shallower. These renderings show the room from the perspective of a person five feet and six inches tall, which has been proven to be an accurate and helpful perspective.

I Have the Plans. Now What?

When your contractor gives you the plans for your cabinets, you should have a chance to take them home and see what you think. It’s time for you to test the plans out and get a feeling for the physical presence of the proposed cabinets. There are two tools that can be very helpful in this task. Read on to find out!

Tape Measure

We’re sure this one isn’t a shocker. It makes a lot of sense, because it’s the best way to measure out how much space your cabinets might take up. You can identify right where the cabinets will go and get a really good picture in your mind of how it will look.


In order to get a really good feel for your cabinets’ footprint, you can fold newspaper into the size of your cabinetry pieces. You can also use newspaper to represent the footprints of your appliances and furniture. The newspapers are much easier to move around than the cabinets and appliances themselves, so it’s not too difficult to explore where each piece fits the best. This concept works wonderfully in kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms.

Ready to Get Started?

Making the most of your space, whether it’s a bathroom, family room, or kitchen, requires cabinets. Cabinets make it easier to manage belongings and organization and allow you to create truly pleasant spaces. At JV Cabinet Makers, we are passionate about meeting with our clients to understand just what they want for their cabinets and delivering it. Whether you need brand new cabinets or your current cabinets need a facelift with cabinet refacing, we are here to deliver in San Francisco and beyond. Contact us today!