A house without cabinets would be a terrible place, but cabinets can also be eyesores and hazards. They get outdated, worn down, chipped, and scratched. Once they get to a certain age, they’re kind of like dirty windows; they look okay, but improving them makes an incredible difference. We can’t say how many times our cabinet clients have been stunned by the way that new cabinets transform their kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms.

We understand that cost might keep you from doing anything to your cabinets. After all, they probably hold the dishes and the DVDs just fine. If they are still structurally sound, you should consider cabinet refacing. At JV Cabinet Makers, we offer both cabinet replacement and refacing. Refacing allows us to give your current cabinets a radical facelift, maybe even make them unrecognizable from before. You get the pop of new cabinets without the cost.

If cabinet refacing looks compelling to you, it’s important to realize that doing a facelift on cabinets that just need to be replaced can cost more in the long run. That is why getting a consultation is important. When you call us for a consultation, we will be asking helpful questions, and we thought we’d share them with you today!

Can You Access Everything You Need?

Have you just resigned yourself to pulling out half the dishes in a cabinet in order to reach the one you need? Do your cabinets feature dirty corners? All homes have their quirks, but if annoying blind corners in the cabinets is one of yours, we can be the solution. We can create cabinets that will save you from having to reach into another dimension for pots and pans. We can make it easy to clean your cabinets and give your kitchen or bathroom that fresh feeling it needs.

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Is the Cabinet Layout Efficient?

Cabinets should contain tools and supplies without getting in your way. They should create more counter space and make it easier for you to do work. This is especially important if you’re working with a small kitchen, where it’s essential to make the most of every square foot. Check out your cabinets. Do they extend to the ceiling, or just to the soffit? If they are short, you can always store things on top of them, but you better be ready for some serious dust! You may want to have us modify your cabinets to reach higher, creating more storage space safe from dust.

Your Cabinets Have Become Uneven

We hope the cabinets in your home were level when your home was new. However, as the house settles over time, it can change the shape of doorways and other odd things. It can also make your shelves uneven, leading to weirdly tilted lines, doors that won’t shut all the way, and dishes that have migrated to one side or the other. This can be especially troublesome for cabinets that rest on the floor. Sometimes, you can fix the problem with shims, but in some cases, the damage is done and the cabinets will never be the same. In this case, it is more cost-effective to invest in new cabinets. At JV Cabinet Makers, we have a lot of experience with homes and their unique quirks. We have the skill to deliver world-class cabinets that work with your home and are level despite unevenness in your floors.

You’re Replacing Your Countertops or Floors

Kitchens can be remodeling challenges. Some parts of them can be completed independently, like appliances, light fixtures, and faucets. However, your countertops, cabinets, and floors are a linked system. When you replace one, you have to structurally adjust the other two. You may even have to adjust the colors in order to create harmony in the room. If you know you need to replace your countertops or floors, it’s worth looking at replacing your cabinets. Doing so could save you a lot of hassle!

Neighbors are Replacing Their Cabinets

We’re not talking about giving into peer pressure here! Chances are good that all the homes in your area are the same age. If your neighbors are finding that their cabinets need to be replaced, chances are good that yours may need replacing, too. This is a matter of home value; you don’t want to have the most outdated kitchen on your street. Being smart about the investments you make in your home will ensure that your property maintains its value. We can take your home’s value to the next level with solid wood cabinets.

You Can’t Stand Your Cabinets

This, of course, is the most basic reason people replace their cabinets. Maybe you aren’t responsible for the current cabinets, and you’ve been planning to replace them since the moment you laid eyes on them. Whatever the reason, if your cabinets drive you crazy, you don’t have to just live with them. Turn to JV Cabinet Makers, and we’ll give you a custom plan that fits your budget and gives you the results you want.

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