Humans have been making dolls for centuries, and they make fantastic collectibles because they encapsulate the times in which they were made. They can also be customized and make for fantastic projects. However, anyone who has collectibles knows the challenge of storing them. Dolls can be especially challenging to store. The design and storage experts at JV Cabinet Makers have some tips for keeping your collectible dolls safe.

Keep Your Dolls Like New with These Tips

Temperature Management

One of the things that will definitely degrade your dolls over time is incorrect temperature. We’re talking extreme temperatures. For instance, heat can degrade plastics and permanently damage the composition of materials. Cold can make papier mache and composition crack. The good news here is that temperatures that are comfortable for you are best for your dolls, too. Make sure your dolls are in a temperature-controlled location instead of the garage or attic.

Separation from Pets

If you have pets, it’s important to realize that they don’t probably understand your dolls. A cat may see doll wigs as toys; a dog may see entire dolls as chew toys. We recommend you store your dolls in a place where they can’t be knocked off shelves or accessed by pets looking for entertainment.

No Smoking

Smoking isn’t just dangerous for humans; it can damage dolls as well. It is very easy to identify dolls owned by smokers; they reek! Both dolls and the costumes they wear absorb smoke odor, and it’s pretty much impossible to get out. The chemicals found in smoke are can break dolls and their outfits down, and dolls that smell like smoke don’t sell very well. You don’t want to be trying to sell a doll down the road and find that it’s difficult to find anyone willing to buy it because of how it smells.

The Plastic Issue

If you’re wrestling with the issue of storing your dolls, you might think of enclosing them in air-tight plastic. After all, there’s no better way to keep them isolated from dangerous elements, right? That is correct, but sealing your dolls up is actually a very bad idea. Any moisture in the bag or the doll can cause the growth of mold, completely ruining the doll. If you want to store your dolls in plastic bags, don’t seal them up. Make sure there is ventilation.

Great Cabinets

Closed cabinets can prevent a lot of the damage we’ve warned you about in the past two blogs. They not only create an optimally dark environment, they allow some ventilation while keeping bugs, pets, and dust away from your dolls. That means that cabinets can do the most for your dolls than other types of storage. Now, we understand that cabinets are valuable storage real estate in any home. Whether you need new cabinets dedicated just to your dolls or you want to transform your current cabinets into worthy doll homes, we can help.

Turn to JV Cabinet Makers

At JV Cabinet Makers, we are proud to provide San Francisco with cabinet refacing and solid wood cabinet construction services. We can easily take tired, old cabinets and make them look brand new. We can also install brand new cabinets with all the unique features you require.

When you contact us for cabinet refacing, you get to enjoy the benefits of new cabinets without paying for them. Many cabinets are structurally sound, but wear and tear have made them look a lot older than they are. In this case, replacing the cabinets isn’t the best use of your funds. All that needs to change is the appearance of the cabinets, and we can do that work easily. When we reface cabinets, we remove the old panels, drawer boxes, and moldings. That means we can take outdated cabinets and make them look modern. If you are hoping for display cases, we can install new doors with glass panels and even incorporate lighting so that your dolls have the perfect new home. The sky is really the limit!

At the end of the day, cabinets can provide a fantastic combination of practicality and aesthetics, and you won’t need to compromise either when you work with us. Contact us in San Francisco today to learn more about what makes us the best!

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