A lot of us collect items, from baseball cards to vinyl records to figurines. These items need safe, practical places to live and be displayed, and cabinets are the answer. One type of collectible that especially benefits from cabinetry is a doll. Usually fragile and featuring unique clothing and other features, dolls need to be kept where they can be appreciated and protected at the same time. The thing is, people don’t always know how to protect their dolls in the first place.

In our first blog, we discussed several tips for storing dolls correctly, including keeping pets away from them and not smoking around them. Today, we have a few more tips for you!

Keep Your Dolls Like New with These Tips

Correct Lighting

Light is one of those things that can be pretty sneaky when it comes to damage. It breaks colors and surfaces down gradually enough that you might not notice until significant damage has occurred. As a result, it’s a good idea to protect your collectible dolls from light altogether. That means indoor lighting needs to be avoided, too.

  • The dangers of sunlight. Natural sunlight will take vibrant doll clothing and make it dull. It can also fade cloth and vinyl dolls. Now, a majority of people already know this and will try to keep their dolls out of direct sunlight. However, it is important to realize that ambient sunlight can also harm your dolls. At the end of the day, it is best to keep your most precious collectible dolls away from sunlight altogether.
  • The dangers of fluorescent light. If you think that your dolls are safe away from sunlight in a room with fluorescent lights, you are wrong. Fluorescent lighting presents its own share of dangers to dolls, especially vinyl ones. Some vinyl dolls will turn a greenish color over time if exposed to close fluorescent lights. Your best bet when it comes to lighting for dolls is incandescent lights; just make sure the dolls are a good distance away from the bulbs, which can get hot.

Protection Against Bugs

Bugs can do a lot of damage when it comes to dolls. Some bugs will actually bore into wood dolls. Others will infest wigs. Moths will always be drawn to wool and munch holes in it. Always wash your hands before you hand your dolls and explore ways to close them off from insect invaders.

Distance from Chemicals

Acidic surfaces are dangerous for dolls and their costumes. Most people know not to store dolls next to their cleaning supplies, but many don’t realize that wood cabinets and cardboard boxes can cause trouble. If you can, wrap your dolls in acid-free tissue before putting them in boxes and don’t let the dolls have direct contact with varnished wood surfaces.

Dust Management

When dust accumulates on your dolls’ costumes, it can yellow the material. Dust can also be difficult to remove from the dolls themselves. If you keep your dolls out in the open, dust them regularly to prevent issues. You can save a lot of time by storing or displaying your dolls in cabinets, which will keep a majority of the dust away from your dolls.

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