So, you’ve just gotten custom cabinets or you’ve refaced your current cabinets, and everything looks beautiful thanks to the world-class skill of our cabinet makers. Now it’s time to put everything back. If you’re like us, cabinets start out full of neat dishes and great intentions and gradually get messier and messier. There is nothing worse than feeling stress as you open cabinets and drawers one after the other, trying to find that measuring cup or a pair of scissors. In today’s blog, we’re going to share some tips for making your cabinets havens of sanity and neatness. Read on!

Cups and Saucers

If you own cups and saucers, you know that the saucers are no problem to store. However, the cups are a different story. Stack them higher than three, and they become very unstable. Instead of separating the cups and saucers for storage, keep the cups stacked on their saucers and simply stack the sets on top of one another. It might feel like an inefficient use of the space, but it’s more efficient than a stack of saucers and a bunch of cups stacked two-high.

Pot Rack

Having stacks of pans in your cupboards can be really inconvenient. Instead of having to dig through the stacks to find the correct size, we recommend you consider a pot rack. You can mount your own rack for cheap by investing in a handrail and a few S-hooks. Don’t bother with towel racks, because they aren’t made to hold as much weight as handrails. You can find great handrails in surgical supply stores. Hang the hooks from the handrail, and then eliminate the avalanche of pots in your cupboard by hanging them from the hooks.

Pot Lid Organizer

Once you get your pots neatly hung from the rack, you’ll need a place for the lids. Lids don’t stack well, so don’t bother. Instead, invest in a wooden peg rack and slide the lids into the available spaces. You can also attach a graduated rack to the door. Just arrange the lids from largest to smallest so it’s easy to spot the one you need and grab it.

Knife Storage

If you still have an old knife block, it may be dulling your knives. We suggest you invest in a sturdy wood and magnet strip, mount it to the wall, and use it to store your blades. The blades will simply stick to the magnet and be easier to access.

Coordinating Containers

Whether you have open shelves or not, cabinetry storage can be enhanced by containers. Whether you have a bunch of glass jar lids or plastic measuring cups to wrangle, a few containers can go a long way. You can enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics with coordinating containers. If you like doing things yourself, you can line metal baskets or crates with canvas and group them together to bring a whole new level of organization to your kitchen. If you have open shelving, containers can be a special opportunity to make a statement!

Baking Pan Organizer

Speaking of organizers and containers, if you need a lower-profile organizer that’s easy to reach and doesn’t have high sides, a small baking tray can fix the problem. Instead of searching through a crowded cabinet for an ingredient, you can pull the tray out like a drawer and get a better view. Even better, the pain will prevent any drips or leaks from reaching your cabinet and damaging the surface.

Tray Divider

Are you stuck with a tall cupboard that only allows you to store one layer of glasses? You can easily solve that problem with a tray. Find one that fits into the cupboard and fit it with non-skid shelf liner. Put bigger glasses top-down in the cupboard and set the tray on top of them. Your smaller glasses will fit on the top tray. If this arrangement is too inconvenient, it may be time to rearrange your cabinets or contact us for custom cabinets.

Organizer for Under the Sink

Under-sink cabinets are infamous for being messy and difficult to use. You need to be able to store damp cloths, gloves, and chemicals safely and neatly. After all, this is better than cluttering up your sink with all the implements. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to organize your tools. Put a tray just inside the door to contain soap and other supplies. It will also catch any water that drips off of the gloves. Why would water drip off the gloves? Because they can be hung from hooks on the inside of the door. You can also mount hooks on the inside of the cabinet for brushes and other implements. If none of your cloths are ready to be hung up, you can buy your own grommet-setting kit. These metal rings will allow you to make rip-proof holes in soft materials, including the cloth and the gloves.

Spices Display

Spices can add a special detail to any kitchen. It’s fine to keep them out of sight, but we think it’s even more fun to put them on display. That is why our custom cabinets can feature spice racks that allow you easy access to every spice you need. If you’re going to use a spice rack, we recommend putting your spices into uniform containers with custom labels. You can keep them in their original jars, but some people find it really fun to bring uniformity to the spices, allowing their vivid colors to shine.

Kitchen cabinets have a special place in our hearts at JV Cabinet Makers. They are some of the hardest-working cabinets in the world, and they provide incredible convenience and beauty to any kitchen. We provide custom cabinets to San Fransisco, California, and beyond. We also are proud to provide world-class cabinet refacing. At the end of the day, we know you need a solution that will fit your budget and meet your needs for years to come. Contact the company who will always go the extra mile for you today!