Technology has made great strides and continues to do so. There always seems to be some new innovation just around the corner, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to ways we can improve life. We have lamps that charge our phones, speakers that can answer our questions and play music, and vacuums that propel themselves around the floor. Our homes benefit a lot from technological innovations, but there’s one room that people tend to skip over when considering how to integrate technology into their living spaces: the bathroom. The bathroom is a notoriously neglected room when it comes to technology.

We can understand why people don’t immediately think of the bathroom when upgrading their homes. It’s one of those rooms that should be kept simple, as its function is pretty straightforward. However, we spend time in the bathroom every day. As a result, it represents a huge opportunity for positive improvements. Simple changes can make a big difference in the time you spend in the bathroom, bringing convenience and effectiveness to the moments you spend showering or tending to other daily needs. At JV Cabinet Makers, we value both function and beauty, and our craftsmanship is highly valuable if you’re remodeling your bathroom. However, remodeling is the perfect opportunity to take your bathroom’s functionality to the next level by incorporating technology along with new or refaced cabinets.

Bring Your Bathroom into the 21st Century With This Tech

Touchless Features

You’ve probably already encountered this technology in retail and restaurant bathrooms. It makes toilets flush, sinks turn on, and paper towels available without you having to touch anything. While it may seem largely practical in a retail setting, it becomes truly luxurious in a residential bathroom. It combines functionality and beauty in a way that you’ll enjoy every time you use your bathroom. You can find touchless faucets with sensory devices as well as self-flushing toilets in many home improvement stores, which makes this upgrade easy.

A Heated Toilet Seat

If you’re going to upgrade your toilet to a self-flusher, you should consider further possibilities. You can get toilets that heat their own seats and even raise and lower their lids. A warm seat can make winter mornings much easier, and an automatic lid means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you closed it after using the toilet.

A Chromotherapy Bath

Colors have a significant impact on our mental state. They may even be able to promote the healing of aches and pains while soothing away anxiety and stress. That is why the chromotherapy tub was invented. These tubs have small, colored lights and controls that allow you to cycle through colors or select your favorite. The colors tint the water. That means you can experience scent, warmth, and color all at once. This combination of sensations makes for a powerful ability to set the mood. If you love to take baths, a chromotherapy bath might be a fantastic option. We can ensure that your cabinet system makes it easy to reach whatever you need while in the tub!

A Digital Shower

Getting the water warmed up and ready to go in the morning can make everything that much more difficult. A digital shower allows you to set your optimal water temperature and speed, eliminating the need to fuss with the faucet every time. You can turn it on with a single touch or from bed with a remote control. Say goodbye to shockingly cold water and hello to the perfect shower every time. Whether you want to match your digital shower with modern cabinets or hide the modern technology in a classic aesthetic, we can make your dream cabinets a reality.

A Flatscreen TV Mirror/Medicine Cabinet

Did you know that you can invest in dual-functioning flatscreen televisions that can open like medicine cabinets or become mirrors when you turn them off? A television in the bathroom can transform your morning routine or allow you to experience your favorite show from the tub. Our cabinetry experts can build cabinets around your flatscreen television so that they integrate seamlessly together.

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