So you’ve got brand new cabinets – either freshly refaced, refinished, or replaced. Their gleaming surfaces and shiny hardware make you smile. You’ve put all of your dishes back in their places, and you’re wishing your new cabinets could look new forever. But dirt, grease, scratches, and spills are inevitable, right? After all, the old cabinets you got rid of couldn’t look that worn out when they were new.

At JV Cabinet Makers, we’ve been working in the cabinet business for over thirty years. We’ve seen trends, materials, and colors come and go. We know what you should simply never do with cabinets and what you can do to help them last longer. As it turns out, there are things you can do to keep your new cabinets looking fresh and clean. You can set your home or business apart by taking a minute or two to clean as well as being smart about the way you treat your cabinets on a daily basis. In today’s blog, we are going to share a few of our favorite cabinet maintenance tricks.

Clean Them!

We all wipe our counters down and sweep our floors, but it’s the rare person who consistently cleans his or her cabinets. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking kitchen, bathroom, or living room cabinets; these functional pieces of furniture are often the most neglected.

  • When you clean your cabinets, your go-to tool of choice should be a soft cotton cloth that’s just been dampened with warm water. Most of the time, this will be all that’s needed to return dirty cabinets to their former glory.
  • If simple water isn’t cutting it, add some mild hand washing soap to the cloth with warm water. The soap will be able to address grease especially well.
  • Once you are done cleaning, wipe all the surfaces with a clean, damp cloth. This picks up the last pieces of dirt and takes soap off if you used it. All you have to do is dry the cabinets with another clean cloth, and you’re good to go.

What About These Products?

Cabinets are tough and able to handle a lot of usage. However, there are certain things that will quickly reduce their beautiful shine and make them look ratty and tired. The following products should be avoided because their harshness can cause damage:

  • Sponges and dishcloths. It may be tempting to grab the sponge or dish cloth from the kitchen sink and use it on your cabinets. Unfortunately, these tools usually contain particles that can nick or scratch your cabinets. They also usually have food particles and the remnants of harsh dish soap, which means they’ll simultaneously dirty your cabinets while exposing them to damaging chemicals.
  • Any harsh or scouring products you’d use to scrub out your sink or tub. This includes scouring pads, steel wool, self-polishing waxes, and tub and sink cleaners.
  • Any products that contain ammonia will harm your cabinets.
  • Cleaning products with bleach will damage your cabinets.
  • Solvent- or petroleum-based products like nail polish removers, paint thinners, and mineral spirits are very bad for your cabinets.
  • Waxing and polishing products containing silicone will do more harm than good for your cabinets.

The team at JV Cabinet Makers has poured ourselves into superior cabinetry for over 30 years, and in that time, we’ve only come to love cabinets more for their convenience, beauty, and functionality. When you work with us, you work with true craftsmen who will always go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you need. We offer the Bay Area and surrounding towns custom cabinet construction as well as cabinet refacing and refinishing. That means that whether you need all-new cabinets or a stunning facelift for your current cabinets, we can deliver. Contact us today!