Cabinets can take a lot of abuse, but they shine for decades when you take care of them right. In our last blog, we explored tips for keeping your solid wood cabinets clean on a regular basis. Today, we want to look into the threats you cabinets face every day and how you can lessen their impact on your investment. Read on!

What to Do When Life Happens

Your cabinets exist in risky locations like the kitchen and bathroom. There’s always the risk of water, chemical, and food spills on them. They also just get a lot of use, which takes its own toll. So what canyou do to keep your cabinets shining brightly?

Dust on a regular basis

  • This is different from cleaning and is a great way to keep dust out of whatever unique features make your cabinets beautiful. When it comes to dusting, simplicity is key. Use a clean, soft cloth and stay away from aerosol dusting products, pre-moistened dusting sheets, or packaged dusting sheets. Just stick with the basics, and your cabinets will thank you (and your bank account might, too).

Take care of spills correctly

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s water, soapy suds, or all the macaroni and cheese: all spills and spatters should be cleaned up immediately. Your cabinets have tough coatings, but they aren’t invincible. Prolonged exposure to food, water, oil, grease, or other liquids can permanently discolor and damage the finish on your cabinets.

Stay after those glass doors

  • Getting glass inserts in your cabinet doors is a stylish and beautiful choice. However, you’re going to have to do a little work to keep it that way. Carefully dampen a clean cloth with ammonia-free cleaner and wipe the glass clean. Avoid spraying cleaner straight onto the glass as it will drip down and might seep behind the dividers and cause damage.

Don’t bother to wax or polish

  • No matter how your ancestors cared for their wood products, waxing and polishing is a bad idea for your cabinets. Over time, polishing and waxing builds up on cabinet surfaces and turns them yellow, hazy, and streaky. Unfortunately, the wax buildup is very difficult to remove, and you may lose your beautiful cabinets forever. It isn’t worth the trouble!

Fight moisture damage

  • It may be tempting to drape a wash cloth or towel on the cabinet doors under the sink, but the moisture will ultimately damage your cabinets, causing discoloration and peeling that you can’t mend. Keep all damp things away from your cabinet doors, and they will thank you.

Be aware of possible light damage

  • Direct sunlight can fade painted, laminate, and thermofoil surfaces. It can also darken natural wood. As a result, if you have cabinets that will be exposed to prolonged sunlight, you might want to invest in some drapes. Believe us, installing some drapes is cheaper and less stressful than trying to amend sun damage on brand new cabinets!

Prevent heat damage

  • Self-cleaning ovens provide a lot of convenience, but a lot of people don’t realize that the heat of an oven cleaning itself can damage the cabinets around it if allowed to escape. To avoid warped and blistered cabinet doors, you can remove the doors closest to the oven before beginning the cleaning process.

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