People have been using cabinets for centuries. They’ve displayed items in them, stored items in them, and hidden a multitude of messes behind their merciful doors. Today, cabinets continue to be foundational to kitchens, garages, bathrooms, and beyond. They come in all shapes and sizes, but their job is to hold items and keep them safe when we aren’t using them. That being said, cabinets are more dynamic than people sometimes give them credit for. At JV Cabinets, we love working with our clients to deliver unique, solid wood cabinets that suit their budgets. Though we specialize in saving our clients money by refacing their current cabinets and making them look like new, we always love the opportunity to create custom cabinets and shelving. Not only are the results beautiful, they’re a clever, efficient use of space. In today’s blog, we want to mention three ways you can add an extra dimension to cabinets.

Long Desks

Do you need to save space but you can’t afford to lose storage space? Simply invest in three bottom cabinets and a few pieces of plywood. We can arrange the three cabinets equal distances apart and place the plywood on top of them to create a desk that takes up a whole wall and has both storage space and indentations where chairs can be placed. We can do the same thing with two cabinets if your space isn’t big enough to accommodate three. Either way, you get a whole new desk as well as storage space. It’s a win-win!

Built-in Bookcases

These are classic combinations of shelving and cabinets that people have used for years to transform walls into beautiful, functional pieces of art. You can fill the entire wall with shelves or incorporate cabinets. Cabinets can go above or below the shelves. These bookcases are just as wonderful in hallways as they are within rooms. The best thing about them is that you can play with their function. If you want to display art, leave a few shelves out and prop your favorite photo or painting in the resulting space. You can add corkboards, chalkboards, electronics, lighting, ladders, and anything else your imagination comes up with. We can give you the exact bookcase and cabinets you want!

Padded Bench

This is the most friendly cabinet you’ll ever meet. It has doors and plenty of storage, but it also features a comfortable pad on the top so you can sit on it. This cabinet not only provides organizational opportunities, it can be your chance to use fun fabric and colors to add a little interest to the room. You can even incorporate a padded bench into a built-in bookcase, creating a cozy little nook for reading or playing. If you’re struggling to fit enough seating into a small room, a padded bench within a built-in bookcase can be truly wonderful.

At JV Cabinet Makers, we pour all of our passion into our work. Cabinets and shelves are our artistic medium, and we love taking cabinets to the next level. We offer three different options to San Francisco, including custom cabinets, cabinet refacing, cabinet refinishing, and countertops.

  • If you contact us for custom cabinets, you will get to meet with our experienced team to pick out style, wood, stain, and finish. We can take whatever design you love and make it fit into your home or business.
  • If you come to us for cabinet refacing, we will visit your home or business and carefully remove all of your old cabinet doors and drawer faces. We can also redo side panels, molding, and face frames. This is your chance to completely transform your cabinets without paying for new infrastructure. We can replace drawer boxes and modify your cabinets to include Lazy Susans, soft-close doors, spice racks, and tilt-out trays. You will feel like you have brand new cabinets (but your bank account won’t)!
  • If you hire us for cabinet refinishing, we will safely strip the current finish off your cabinets and apply new stain or paint. This is a great, quick way to give your cabinets a facelift, removing scratches, chips, cracks, and grime.
  • When cabinets need work, the countertops usually do, too. That is why we can install new countertops and backsplashes to your exact preferences.

No matter what you need from our team, we will always treat your property with the utmost respect. Contact our friendly company in San Francisco today!