1. Cabinet Design Trends – Part 1

    Where do guests always congregate, even though your living room is perfectly designed? That's right: the kitchen. Which two rooms have the biggest impact on people looking for homes? That's right: the kitchen and the bathroom. And what do these two rooms always have in common? That's right: cabinets…Read More

  2. Kitchen Color Basics – Part 2

    Are you going to remodel your kitchen? Are you building a custom home and you need to have a vision for what your new kitchen needs to look like? It can be quite the challenge! You not only have to determine flooring, countertops, and cabinets, you have to determine wall colors and ensure all the el…Read More

  3. Kitchen Color Basics – Part 1

    It doesn't matter how beautiful your living room is; people always seem to gather in the kitchen. Kitchens are central to our homes, and everyone can feel it. If you're looking into refreshing your kitchen, color will play a very important role in the final look. Conventionally, kitchen colors stay …Read More

  4. Hacks for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

    So, you've just gotten custom cabinets or you've refaced your current cabinets, and everything looks beautiful thanks to the world-class skill of our cabinet makers. Now it's time to put everything back. If you're like us, cabinets start out full of neat dishes and great intentions and gradually get…Read More

  5. Decoding Cabinetry Design

    Cabinets are a magical combination of function and design, and we love showing people that they don't have to compromise aesthetics for practicality. Too many times, people think that their current cabinets are as good as it gets, failing to realize that the possibilities are truly endless. Our desi…Read More

  6. The Magic of Base Cabinets

    A lot of people don't realize just how complex cabinetry can be, and that's a good thing. A cabinet's first job is to be convenient, simple, and accessible. When the team at JV Cabinet Makers designs cabinet systems for homes or businesses, we do everything we can to make them effortless to use. The…Read More

  7. Cabinets 101

    Every cabinet you've ever used to hide messes or gifts or dishes was designed and installed by someone passionate about his or her craft. If you're looking at the cabinetry in your San Francisco home or business and considering completely redoing it, you're in for an exciting adventure. The sky's tr…Read More

  8. How to Get Clever With Your Cabinets

    People have been using cabinets for centuries. They've displayed items in them, stored items in them, and hidden a multitude of messes behind their merciful doors. Today, cabinets continue to be foundational to kitchens, garages, bathrooms, and beyond. They come in all shapes and sizes, but their jo…Read More

  9. How to Prepare for a Meeting with Our Cabinet Designers

    Communication is key to great contractor-client relationships. As the client, you have a vision for your home, and you're the one who has to live with the contractor's work for years to come. The contractor wants to give you what you need in order to build their reputation and their business. If the…Read More

  10. How to Make Your Kitchen Feel More Open

    If you find yourself dreading going into your kitchen or inviting company because your kitchen fits about one and a half people, you aren’t alone. We can’t always have the huge, spacious kitchens we want, and even if we do, making the wrong design decisions can make them feel cramped and uncomfo…Read More