Cabinets are a key part of any kitchen, allowing you to store ingredients, dishes, and pans out of sight. However, they can do so much more than just keep your kitchen organized. They play an integral role in the aesthetic of your kitchen and can either lift the room up or pull it down.

The thing about cabinets is that, if they are solidly made, they can be easily transformed to provide enhanced functionality and beauty. At JV Cabinet Makers, we specialize in taking cabinets and making them all they can be, whether that means refacing them, refinishing them, or putting in completely new ones. It doesn’t take much to make life in your kitchen more convenient and pleasant, and today, we want to share some ways we can make your kitchen like new without breaking the bank.

How to Get New Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

Use the back of the doors.

The backside of cabinet doors is real estate that usually gets passed over. If you open your spice cabinet and ignore the back of the door while digging through rows of hard-to-see spices, you’re missing out. It is easy enough to incorporate a spice rack on the back side of the door. You can organize your spices so they are each easy to see, and you won’t end up with the duplicates that too many people buy because they think they’re out of a spice that’s just gotten buried at the back of the cabinet.

Install removable wallpaper.

This option is especially great if you have cabinets without doors. Whatever your style may be, there’s a paper to match it. A bit of color can make all the difference when it comes to taking your cabinets to the next level, and even if your cabinets have doors, it is worth installing the paper for some extra interest when you open the doors.

Add on crown molding.

A drab, simple cabinet can be transformed into an elegant piece of art by crown molding. At JV Cabinet Makers, we can easily install this artistic flourish and refinish your cabinets to complete the transformation. Crown molding is also a premium addition if you want to add lighting to the top of your cabinets, as it easily conceals the lights themselves, leaving a beautiful glow.

Use chicken wire on the front of the cabinets.

Do you want an open feel to your cabinets, but you want to keep the doors and you don’t want to deal with smears on glass or the danger of complete openings? Chicken wire can be the perfect solution. When we reface or refinish your cabinets, we can remove the middle panels of the doors and replace them with chicken wire. The result is a charming, open feel that allows your dishes to shine without the danger of them falling out and breaking.

Roll-out shelving.

You don’t need custom cabinets to get the convenience of them. It is easy to install roll-out shelves that prevent you from having to get down and peer into the back of your cabinets. You will love being able to see everything in your cabinets in one go! We can help ensure that your new shelving fits well and will stand the test of time.

Add in lid storage.

Here’s another idea for the back of your cabinet door: a pot lid rack. This little piece of storage technology is a wonderful solution to the havoc that piles of pot lids can bring to your cabinets. Instead of having to dig through clanging piles of lids in order to find a match to your chosen pot, you can arrange your lids by type or size, making life in your kitchen that much easier.

Replace the hardware.

Many cabinets have boring or beat up handles or knobs. Replacing them gives you the opportunity to take your cabinetry in any direction. Have fun picking out new hardware, and when we refinish or reface your cabinets, we can install them.

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