Comic books are very popular these days, especially thanks to the movie industry, which has taken heroes off their pages and put them on the big screen where more people can enjoy them. Comic books not only hold significant monetary value in some situations, they are near and dear to many people. A comic book can bring back an entire childhood, and that is priceless.

We don’t know how many dusty boxes of comic books live in people’s attics, but we do know this is not good for them. As cabinet makers, we specialize in creating unique, convenient storage spaces for things like comic books. Comic books tend to be more fragile than people realize. Paper tears, fades, and crinkles, which can quickly take a great comic book collection down several notches. In today’s blog, we want to give you some tips for organizing, storing, and displaying comic books.

Tips for Organizing, Storing, and Displaying Comic Books

The following steps are pretty simple and can make a huge difference when it comes to the shape of your comic book collection.

Step 1: Declutter your collection

If you’re going to take the effort to carefully store something, it should only be the stuff you really value. Everything else should either go into the trash or be given away. If you want to go the selling route, there are plenty of online resources available to you. If you suspect you have something really valuable, it is worthwhile to pay a professional for an unbiased assessment. Otherwise, it’s up to you to got through your collection and determine what is valuable to you.

If you have a bunch of comic books you don’t want to keep or sell, Boys and Girls Clubs can benefit from them. You might even be able to deduct the donations as charitable contributions. We also want to point out that people value the ads and cover art of comic books, and you might be able to get a significant amount of money for those graphics.

Step 2: Carefully store each comic book

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding onto your comic books for sentimental reasons or for their monetary value; you’ll benefit from proper comic book storage. As with many valuables, wash your hands with soap and water to remove oils that can stain your comic books. You can even take it a step further and wear gloves, never picking up the comic books by their stapled spines to prevent stress marks.

When it comes down to actual storage, each book should have an acid-free board and a plastic sleeve. The board prevents the book from sagging and bending, while the sleeve ensures that dust and other environmental threats can’t reach your comic books.

Step 3: Organize the comics

When it comes to the way you organize your comic books, it is totally up to how your brain works. You can organize by topic, date, publisher, author, and type. A great way to put everything together is using labeled plastic divider cards. You can contain everything in a specialty comic box, short box, long box, or archival storage boxes. Make sure you use our world-class cabinet refacing to ensure that your collection has a great shelf or cabinet all to itself!

Step 4: Consider displaying your favorites

If you have comic books of which you are particularly fond/proud, you can frame them and hang them on the wall or lay them flat in a lockable case. You can also slip a bunch of your comic books into sleeves within a three-ring binder. This makes it easy to access your favorite comic books in one place.

Step 5: Think about long-term storage

If you don’t want to display your collection but you have it bagged and contained in a box, your last step is to put it in a cool, dry location. If you can put it in a place where the light is soft, even better. Keep in mind that humidity is your collection’s enemy, so consider a climate-controlled unit or a well-ventilated closet. Just don’t put the collection on the floor where flooding can reach it.

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