Do you own vinyl records? While a majority of music is now distributed via the internet, it is this very insubstantial form that has people longing for a form of music they can hold in their hands. Vinyl records are that form. You may wonder why cabinet makers would talk about vinyl records; they aren’t exactly our medium. However, in addition to refacing and refinishing cabinets, we also build solid wood cabinets and shelves. These are storage pieces by design, and some people store vinyl records on them.

Due to the resurgence of vinyl’s popularity, any vinyl records you own will likely go up in value. In that light, it is to your advantage to keep them safe. This is especially true if you have a large collection. You can extend the life of your records by being smart about the way you store them. The archiving experts at the Library of Congress depend on special temperatures and humidities to keep their six million vinyl records safe, and depending on what kind of collection you have, it might be worth taking a page from their book.

Preserving Your Vinyl Records

While chances are good you don’t have the last copy of some record left on planet earth, preserving your own collections is worth it. By doing so, you can ensure that your items retain their value and can still be enjoyed. In today’s blog, we want to share some tips for keeping your magnetic and vinyl recordings and playback machines. Read on!

  • Before you handle the paper sleeves or the albums themselves, your hands should be thoroughly washed and dried. They should also be free of lotions or any other substances. That means no snacking while handling your records!
  • If you’re worried about the paper sleeve deteriorating the record over time, you can insert a polyurethane sleeve within the paper sleeve as an extra layer between the two.
  • Always store records upright and organize them according to size. Never store different-sized records beside one another.
  • When handling a record, hold it by the edge or center label. Always avoid making contact with the grooved part of the record. This portion is fragile and easily damaged.
  • Any type of record player or turntable should be maintained and cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and nothing else.

When it comes to temperature and humidity, it’s important to be consistent. The Library of Congress keeps their records at 35 percent relative humidity and 50 degrees. Even if you can’t replicate those conditions, as long as you keep things consistent, your records will do better. If you absolutely need the specific conditions, we can build a custom cabinet for you. Your other choice here is to go to a self-storage facility. Self-storage facilities usually provide climate-controlled units created to preserve records and playback machines that can’t handle fluctuations without damage.

Are You Moving Your Records?

Getting your records from Point A to Point B can be a nerve-wracking experience, but there are things you can do make things go smoothly. You can invest in specialty packing crates designed for holding vinyl records. If you need a less-expensive solution, you can reinforce and pad a generic moving box with tape and bubble wrap.

The key to packing records is resisting packing them in. They are thin, but they are not meant to be jammed together. You want to create an environment where the records can stand upright without being crowded or pressured. During transportation, see if you can keep the records in a climate-controlled environment like the passenger cabin. You can also wrap each record loosely with bubble wrap to absorb any impacts en-route.

Turn to JV Cabinet Makers

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