1. Storage Tips for Wine

    If you like wine, you may find that you accumulate it faster than you expect. There is always another flavor, another bottle, another treasure to try. There is nothing wrong with this: people work hard year-round to create tantalizing wine for us to enjoy. However, if you have a growing crowd of bot…Read More

  2. Bring Your Cabinets Into the 21st Century

    When it comes to cabinetry, people tend to miss a lot of opportunities. They focus on the aesthetics and practicalities without considering just what is possible. Cabinets are usually installed in the busiest rooms in the home, including the bathroom and kitchen. These rooms get a lot of traffic and…Read More

  3. Cabinet Design Trends – Part 1

    Where do guests always congregate, even though your living room is perfectly designed? That's right: the kitchen. Which two rooms have the biggest impact on people looking for homes? That's right: the kitchen and the bathroom. And what do these two rooms always have in common? That's right: cabinets…Read More

  4. Hacks for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

    So, you've just gotten custom cabinets or you've refaced your current cabinets, and everything looks beautiful thanks to the world-class skill of our cabinet makers. Now it's time to put everything back. If you're like us, cabinets start out full of neat dishes and great intentions and gradually get…Read More

  5. Cabinets 101

    Every cabinet you've ever used to hide messes or gifts or dishes was designed and installed by someone passionate about his or her craft. If you're looking at the cabinetry in your San Francisco home or business and considering completely redoing it, you're in for an exciting adventure. The sky's tr…Read More

  6. How to Care for Your New Cabinets – Part 1

    So you’ve got brand new cabinets - either freshly refaced, refinished, or replaced. Their gleaming surfaces and shiny hardware make you smile. You’ve put all of your dishes back in their places, and you’re wishing your new cabinets could look new forever. But dirt, grease, scratches, and spill…Read More

  7. How to Identify Quality Cabinets

    So, you need new cabinets. You know you could shop online, but you want to do the responsible thing and look at cabinets in person. You’re pretty much buying furniture, after all! You walk into a cabinet showroom, determined to find the best-quality cabinets they offer. You know this is going to b…Read More