1. Storage Tips for Vinyl Records

    Do you own vinyl records? While a majority of music is now distributed via the internet, it is this very insubstantial form that has people longing for a form of music they can hold in their hands. Vinyl records are that form. You may wonder why cabinet makers would talk about vinyl records; they ar…Read More

  2. Simple Cabinet Upgrades With Maximum Impact

    Cabinets are a key part of any kitchen, allowing you to store ingredients, dishes, and pans out of sight. However, they can do so much more than just keep your kitchen organized. They play an integral role in the aesthetic of your kitchen and can either lift the room up or pull it down. The thing a…Read More

  3. Kitchen Color Basics – Part 2

    Are you going to remodel your kitchen? Are you building a custom home and you need to have a vision for what your new kitchen needs to look like? It can be quite the challenge! You not only have to determine flooring, countertops, and cabinets, you have to determine wall colors and ensure all the el…Read More

  4. The Magic of Base Cabinets

    A lot of people don't realize just how complex cabinetry can be, and that's a good thing. A cabinet's first job is to be convenient, simple, and accessible. When the team at JV Cabinet Makers designs cabinet systems for homes or businesses, we do everything we can to make them effortless to use. The…Read More

  5. How to Get Clever With Your Cabinets

    People have been using cabinets for centuries. They've displayed items in them, stored items in them, and hidden a multitude of messes behind their merciful doors. Today, cabinets continue to be foundational to kitchens, garages, bathrooms, and beyond. They come in all shapes and sizes, but their jo…Read More

  6. How to Care for Your New Cabinets – Part 2

    Cabinets can take a lot of abuse, but they shine for decades when you take care of them right. In our last blog, we explored tips for keeping your solid wood cabinets clean on a regular basis. Today, we want to look into the threats you cabinets face every day and how you can lessen their impact on …Read More

  7. Do Your Cabinets Need Refacing or Replacing?

    A house without cabinets would be a terrible place, but cabinets can also be eyesores and hazards. They get outdated, worn down, chipped, and scratched. Once they get to a certain age, they’re kind of like dirty windows; they look okay, but improving them makes an incredible difference. We can’t…Read More