Completely Satisfied


You guys are the best!!!

My wife and I are completely satisfied with your work!
We would recommend you guys to our peers without a doubt!
Fantastic kitchen work turned into a model kitchen!

Dawn and I wanted to give our appreciation for the extraordinary job contractor Mr. Jaime Villagrana and Jaime Jr. did on their portion of our kitchen-refacing project. To alleviate our expectations they told us ahead of time what they were going to do and answered all of our questions with matter of fact answers. They were so fast, professional and perfectionist at doing their work and for the amount of details that needed to be done it was mind boggling to us how the transformation was completed in a day and a half. We were really thankful that they were always vacuuming and cleaning up during each stage of their tasks, which minimized the dust from flying all over the house. Both were very friendly, polite and respectful of our needs. They definitely demonstrated the art of true journeyman cabinetmakers.

We are very gratified with the experience we had with them and the intricate work they did on our pull out shelves, new pantry, glass doors and the whole new look to our kitchen.


Dawn S. and David L.